a group of journalism students in a room with computers - view from above
art student and teacher with paintings in the background
debate student speaking in front of a projector
students playing steel drums
Student in a dance pose sitting on the ground
theater producer in from of a large screen with computer equipment and headphones on
religious studies students sitting in a circle in front of founders hall
photo of student in front of native sashes
anthropology student measuring a large bone
exchange students in a classroom in Oaxaca, Mexico
a group of students posing for a theater shot
environment & community students sitting in a class in a circle

The College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (CAHSS) is an artistic, creative, and intellectual community. It is an equitable partnership of staff, faculty, and students who are devoted to teaching, learning, and collaboration. The many fields within CAHSS provide the greatest breadth for service-learning, creative engagement, and professional opportunity within a diverse and changing society.

  Alumni Updates

Our grads are doing great things.

May Johnson, History, 2018
Submitted: February 16, 2022
May Johnson has been accepted to several prestigious law schools including Harvard Law School and will likely be attending Harvard Law School starting in Fall 2022!

LOWELL COTTLE, Geography, 1998
Submitted: January 31, 2022
After 15 years working as an environmental consultant, Lowell Cottle moved on to work for the state at the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board as an environmental scientist. Cottle is excited to be part of a team that inspects industrial sites for compliance with state and...

Trent Garrett, Politics, 2020
Submitted: December 14, 2021
Trent Garrett began working for California Assemblymember Cristina Garica (AD 58) as a Legislative Aide. For the previous 6 months Garrett worked for Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath (AD 76).

David Clark, History, 1971
Submitted: December 4, 2021
David Clark migrated to Australia in 1972 and taught high school until retirement in 2007.

James Caton, History, 2011
Submitted: June 10, 2021
The flexibility of HSU’s B.A. in History afforded James the opportunity to chart a path for the future by exploring topics that interested him. Upon completing his degree, he began studying economic theory. He completed an M.A. in Economics from San Jose State University in 2013 where he...