a group of journalism students in a room with computers - view from above
art student and teacher with paintings in the background
debate student speaking in front of a projector
students playing steel drums
Student in a dance pose sitting on the ground
theater producer in from of a large screen with computer equipment and headphones on
religious studies students sitting in a circle in front of founders hall
photo of student in front of native sashes
anthropology student measuring a large bone
exchange students in a classroom in Oaxaca, Mexico
a group of students posing for a theater shot
environment & community students sitting in a class in a circle

The College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (CAHSS) is an artistic, creative, and intellectual community. It is an equitable partnership of staff, faculty, and students who are devoted to teaching, learning, and collaboration. The many fields within CAHSS provide the greatest breadth for service-learning, creative engagement, and professional opportunity within a diverse and changing society.

Place-Based Learning Communities

Learning goes beyond the classroom at Humboldt—we learn from the environment we are in. Our Place-Based Learning Communities provide you with a tight-knit community of like minded peers before classes even start.

We start right away—you’ll be immersed in major-related fieldwork, seminars, and classes with students like you before the semester even begins. These connections will help you navigate college life, gain confidence, succeed academically, and gain a sense of belonging within the Humboldt community.

More about Place-based Learning Programs

  Alumni Updates

Our grads are doing great things.

Jess Whatcott, Environment & Community (Social Sciences), 2011
Submitted: January 28, 2024
After completing a Ph.D. at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Jess Whatcott (they/them) became a tenure-track professor in women's, gender, and sexuality studies at San Diego State University. Dr. Whatcott's first academic book about California's history of eugenics and confining...

Abbey Ramirez, Environmental Studies, 2022
Submitted: January 24, 2024
Since graduation, Abbey moved to Sonoma County on Pomo and Coast Miwok land, where she is the Head Gardener for Traditional Medicinals Tea Company (the company that makes Throat Coat!) She tends the educational garden, which serves as an herbal library, displaying many medicinal herbs the...

Henry Mulak, Journalism, 1984
Submitted: January 4, 2024
Henry Mulak is developing a branded media company following 40 years of reporting, including for the "Big Three" broadcasting networks in the United States. The Ah! Channel (https://ahchannel.com) focuses on artificial intelligence. This comes on the heels of some six years studying computer...

Shiloh (Green) Soto, Environmental Studies, 2016
Submitted: December 13, 2023
After graduating from Humboldt, Shiloh earned her M.A. in interdisciplinary humanities at UC Merced, where she will also graduate with her Ph.D. in the spring of 2024. Her graduate work is housed in the Department of History & Critical Race and Ethnic Studies and analyzes a public history...

Claire Roth, Environmental Studies, 2017
Submitted: November 30, 2023
Claire lives in Eugene, Oregon, and works as a Program Manager with the educational nonprofit Better Eugene-Springfield Transportation (BEST). BEST advocates for better, more convenient, and safer transportation for everyone, no matter their mode of choice or ability, and believes that...