Graduate Programs

English M.A.

The MA in English—with an emphasis in Applied English Studies—offers a comprehensive curriculum meant to prepare graduates for a range of professional pursuits. The program expands opportunities for K-12 teachers, lays a foundation for doctoral study, and prepares students for jobs in college teaching, as well as careers in publishing, editing, professional writing, librarianship, digital scholarship, and teaching English abroad.

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Public Sociology M.A.

Sociology offers something for everyone who is anxious to understand the web and rhythm of human behavior. Public Sociology takes sociological knowledge and skills beyond the confines of the academy into the communities where these resources are much needed. In other words, we teach students to translate their work for the non-academic world and impact communities.

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Social Science M.A. (Environment & Community)

The graduate program in Environment and Community is a two-year interdisciplinary Master of Arts (M.A.) in Social Science. The mission of the Environment & Community program is to prepare students to understand the relationship between communities and their environment, to analyze environment-community issues at different scales, and to act effectively in situations where values and interests diverge.

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