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Welcome to CAHSS Graduate Programs!

Whether you're an undergraduate looking to lay the foundation for advanced study, or currently in the workforce hoping to move up in your professional career, CAHSS graduate programs prepare students for a range of professional pursuits by equipping them with skills in communication and critical thinking. With four robust graduate programs, choosing CAHSS as the home for your graduate studies is the easiest decision! 

Though the four programs are housed in distinct disciplines, they each emphasize hands-on experience communicating complex concepts to public audiences, advocating for communities in decision-making circles, building more equitable systems, and celebrating the wide diversity of humans and other living beings. CAHSS graduate students, above all else, develop strong, process-oriented, interpersonal skills in communication and writing to solve problems with creative solutions. 

Alumni in CAHSS graduate programs find fulfilling professional careers in nonprofits, tribal and state government, and educational organizations as analysts, community service specialists, environmental consultants, educators, organizers, outreach coordinators, writers, and more. CAHSS graduate programs also lay the intellectual foundation for alumni to go on to PhD programs to become professors and researchers. CAHSS graduate students have the opportunity to explore electives in any of the four programs putting them in the driver’s seat of their own education.

CAHSS M.A. Information Session (click image for slides from February 16, 2024)

CAHSS M.A. Information Session


Applied Anthropology, M.A.

Anthropology is a holistic science dedicated to the study of human cultural and biological diversity and evolution. Anthropology is unique in that it integrates fields of study that traditionally span multiple disciplines in the sciences, arts, and professional studies. The Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology at Humboldt is a relevant and flexible degree program focused on building competitive, marketable skills for the application of anthropological perspectives, methods, and theories, and practices in a diverse array of careers in academic, professional, and global contexts. The applied design of the program emphasizes that students consider the real-world relevance and applicability of their interests, experiences, and research.

Applied Anthropology, M.A. Program Website

Applied Anthropology, M.A. Application Information

Applied English M.A.

The MA in English—with an emphasis in Applied English Studies—offers a comprehensive curriculum meant to prepare graduates for a range of professional pursuits. The program expands opportunities for K-12 teachers, lays a foundation for doctoral study, and prepares students for jobs in college teaching, as well as careers in publishing, editing, professional writing, librarianship, digital scholarship, and teaching English abroad.

Applied English M.A. Program Website

Applied English M.A. Application Information

Public Sociology M.A.

Sociology offers something for everyone who is anxious to understand the web and rhythm of human behavior. Public Sociology takes sociological knowledge and skills beyond the confines of the academy into the communities where these resources are much needed. In other words, we teach students to translate their work for the non-academic world and impact communities.

Public Sociology M.A. Program Website

Public Sociology M.A. Application Information

Social Science M.A. (Environment & Community)

The graduate program in Environment and Community is a two-year interdisciplinary Master of Arts (M.A.) in Social Science. The mission of the Environment & Community program is to prepare students to understand the relationship between communities and their environment, to analyze environment-community issues at different scales, and to act effectively in situations where values and interests diverge.

Social Science M.A. (Environment & Community) Program Website

Social Science M.A. (Environment & Community) Application Information

Application Deadlines

Applied Anthropology, M.A.

Fall: Oct 1- May 1 (Feb 1 for International Priority, April 1 International Final)

Spring: N/A

Applied English, M.A.

Fall: Oct 1 - July 1 (Feb 1 for International Priority, April 1 International Final)

Spring: Aug 1 - Dec 1 (Oct 1 for International)

Environment & Community, M.A. 

Fall: Aug 1 - April 8 (Feb 1 for International Priority, April 1 International Final)

Spring: N/A

Public Sociology, M.A.

Fall: Oct 1 - April 8 (Feb 1 for International Priority, April 1 International Final)

Spring: N/A