Council of Chairs

The Cal Poly Humboldt College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is an artistic, creative, and intellectual community. It is conceived as an equitable partnership of staff, faculty, and students devoted to teaching, learning, and creative endeavors. The many fields within the College provide the greatest breadth for service, creative engagement, and professional opportunity within a diverse and changing society.

The Council of Chairs is the principal body and primary branch of College governance.  The College Dean, Associate Dean, Department Chairs, Program Leaders, and the Dean's Office Budget Analyst hold membership on the Council.

The Council meets regularly each Academic Year to discuss the setting of College policies, resource allocations, position requests, workload, representation, curriculum and instructional issues, strategic planning, reorganization, and budgetary matters.

2023 - 24 Agendas and Approved Minutes

September 14, 2023AgendaApproved Minutes
September 28, 2023AgendaApproved Minutes
October 12, 2023AgendaApproved Minutes
October 26, 2023AgendaApproved Minutes
November 16, 2023AgendaApproved Minutes
December 7, 2023AgendaApproved Minutes
January 11, 2024AgendaApproved Minutes
January 25, 2024AgendaApproved Minutes
February 15, 2024AgendaApproved Minutes
February 29, 2024AgendaApproved Minutes
March 21, 2024AgendaApproved Minutes
April 04, 2024AgendaApproved Minutes
April 18, 2024AgendaApproved Minutes
May 02, 2024AgendaApproved Minutes

2022 - 23 Agendas and Approved Minutes

September 8, 2022AgendaApproved Minutes
September 22, 2022AgendaApproved Minutes
October 6, 2022AgendaApproved Minutes
October 27, 2022AgendaApproved Minutes
November 10, 2022AgendaApproved Minutes
December 1, 2022AgendaApproved Minutes
January 19, 2023AgendaApproved Minutes
February 2, 2023AgendaApproved Minutes
February 16, 2023AgendaApproved Minutes
March 2, 2023AgendaApproved Minutes
April 6, 2023AgendaApproved Minutes
May 4, 2023AgendaApproved Minutes

Objectives of Our College

  • To educate students to develop a responsible philosophy and professional code of behavior within their areas of study and as creative members of society.
  • To foster excellence in language, conceptual, expressive, and problem-solving abilities within and across the disciplines of the University.
  • To foster interdisciplinary, intercultural, and international links where appropriate among the programs in the College.
  • To present and respect alternative viewpoints and a diversity of traditions within an open atmosphere of inquiry and learning.
  • To achieve the highest quality educational programs with methodological, informational, and technological currency.

Commitments of Our Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff see themselves as part of a teaching, learning and artistic community characterized by collegial personal interaction, mutual respect and sensitivity. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the following objectives:

  • To encourage and challenge students to read, write, speak and think with clarity and to create with imagination in order to address questions of enduring meaning and aesthetic value and thus to realize the complexity of human experience.
  • To promote a questioning approach among students to scholarly and social activities.
  • To help our students to acquire the skills necessary for personal success and responsible citizenship in the 21st century.
  • To model for students an open, reasonable and responsible community of artists and scholars.
  • To encourage students to study with seriousness and a sense of purpose and to appreciate their potential and responsibility for service to others.
  • To encourage students to be active partners in the learning process; to participate in the life of the College, campus and community; and to foster a general and enduring capacity for learning, intellectual growth, and creativity.
  • To provide a supportive classroom and campus environment of mutual respect and open door access between staff, faculty, and students.