Success at the Model United Nations of the Far West Conference

Students at the Model United Nations of the Far West Competition



“I can honestly say that--between the awards the team won at the New York conference and the ones they won in San Francisco this weekend--this is the best performance Humboldt has had. I'm very proud of the hard work put in and amazing outcomes achieved by this team!” - Professor Zerbe

This year at the San Francisco (Model United Nations of the Far West) competition, Humboldt represented four countries at competition (Burundi, Cuba, Finland, and Ghana), and brought a total of 24 students to the conference.

For only the second time in the 17 years, Noah Zerbe Professor in the Department of Politics, has been bringing students to the conference, all four teams were recognized for their outstanding performance at conference.

Every team from Humboldt won an outstanding delegation award, which recognizes their excellent work both in preparation for and at conference. In addition, Kathryn Lozano (from our Cuba team) was selected to speak at the opening session in recognition that their written pre-conference materials were the best in the region. And one student (Delaney Schroeder-Echavarria) was selected as the outstanding delegate of her committee (the Commission on Science and Technology for Development). She led the committee in the development of a resolution--passed by consensus--that addressed the role of technology in addressing food insecurity and uplifting Ingenious and small-scale farming practices.